Clear Ray Filtration

One of the least understood and yet possibly one of the most important considerations one should take into account when buying a hot tub is the filtration system.  While all hot tubs are going to need standard maintenance chemicals like chlorine and pH treatments, many now offer additional sanitation systems that reduce the need for chemical maintenance and frequent filter changes.

Sundance offers the Clear Ray Water Purification System that treats 99.9% of waterborne pathogens with UV-C technology.  UV-C technology has been used for years in bottling plants, industrial and municipal water plants, aquariums, and hospitals.  Clear Ray’s ultraviolet germicidal disinfection instantly kills harmful pathogens, unlike ozone systems that create ozone gas and disinfect over time.  With your Clear Ray System you can effectively reduce the need for chemical sanitation by up to 50% while still keeping your hot tub crystal clear.

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