Buying a Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub can be a complex process especially with the ability to conduct research online.  While finding information on the Internet is easy enough, finding quality up-to-date information can prove to be a more difficult task.  Rather than overloading yourself with every bit of info you can find, make sure you remember why …

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Sundance Spas Filter in Fresno, California

Clear Ray Filtration

One of the least understood and yet possibly one of the most important considerations one should take into account when buying a hot tub is the filtration system.  While all hot tubs are going to need standard maintenance chemicals like chlorine and pH treatments, many now offer additional sanitation systems that reduce the need for …

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Sundance Spa Controls in Fresno, CA

Safety First!

The kids are out of school and vacations begin.  Make sure your summer is filled with fun and good memories. Some helpful safety tips: Always supervise children around bodies of water.  (pools, spas, lakes, rivers, and streams) Wear life jackets when needed (boating, non-swimmers) Learn to swim! Take a CPR class. If your pool or …

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